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Placing people at the centre of your business transformation.

It sounds obvious, so why is it so hard?

HUMAXIS is a business design and leadership performance consultancy that teaches, mentors, and coaches people to lead and participate in human-centric enterprise transformations.

Our primary focus is on helping leaders recognise and embrace their positions as mission critical, and then providing truly effective tools and strategies to raise their individual capacity to support, design, and evolve their organisations.

Our method combines design thinking, cognitive science, developmental coaching, and strategic architecture techniques to gather human and data-driven insights, and design transformations for any scale of enterprise—from small firms to globally-significant corporations and institutions.

With decades of supporting research and practice, Humaxis is a pioneer in the application of Developmental Coaching and Mission Critical Action Inquiry. Composed of research scientists, psychotherapists, educators, and thought leaders in developmental coaching and biopsychology, our team brings you a unique set of assets for understanding both the systemic nature and clinical realities of sustaining high intensity operations.

Humaxis is a private corporation based in Ottawa, Canada, with an international clientele from the public, private, and non-profit sectors.


/ hyu mäk sɪs / noun


Relating to or characteristic of humankind.


The means or opportunity to approach or enter a place.


An imaginary line about which a body rotates.

The access to transformation is people.

The axis to transformation is people.

We believe in building brave and caring cultures.

Mission I

To help our clients better manage complexity.

Our principle and measurable focus.

Mission II

To transform leaders who in turn transform their organisations and wider worlds.

What we do every day to get there.


A world in which everyone is capable, contributing, and fulfilled.

Where we're going and how we'll know we've arrived.

Our Clients

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