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At Humaxis, we like to think of development as touching the edge of evolution—your human evolution, and that of both your organisation and the wider world you serve. Supporting this level of growth requires a different approach and skill set than traditional classroom-based learning provides. We’ve pushed beyond the conventional and into the ever-expanding dimensions of what it means to be—and how to become—fully functioning, vibrant human beings.

Our Developmental Coaching program is unlike standard executive coaching in how we see, assess, and measure your progress. Our approach is highly objective and measurable, while simultaneously being deeply personal and tailored to your unique circumstances and operating environments.

We recognize the realities of limited precious resources, including people, time, and money, and therefore prioritize developmental practices that generate quick wins with early returns and can be reproduced in ways that are scalable for the concerns of large enterprises.

We work closely with you for as little or as long as you like, meeting in a safe and confidential setting that’s conducive to curiosity and discovery. We use our assessment expertise to measure what you see, how you validate what you see, and how you’ve come to function as a result. We then leverage this data to expedite your development of new capabilities and increased capacity, shifting your usual modes of navigating and relating to complexity. Our methods empower you to form novel operating contexts and contingencies for action to generate your desired outcomes.

Our coaches each have over 300 developmental coaching learning hours, while our most senior consultants have upwards of 1000 or more, with several hundred additional hours of applied practice.

Developmental Coaching Process

Developmental Coaching Process Diagram

Developmental Coaching is like a third and critical element in the triangle of leadership development: we do theory; we do application; but we don’t do the individual very well. As individual leaders, Developmental Coaching enables us to know who we are and what we’re about. When we try to apply theory ourselves without self-awareness, it doesn’t work very well.


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