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Successful mission leaders

and teams aren't born.

They're developed.

Organisations worldwide face the challenge of leading strategic change. In addition to ensuring sustained operational readiness in an era of socio-economic-political volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA), organisations must contend with their own enterprise transformations. These often-competing agendas demand leaders capable of managing increasing levels of complexity.

The global pandemic illustrates the need for mission-critical leaders and teams to be even more agile, resilient, capable, and adaptable in how they respond to emergent crises and asymmetrical threats, all while meeting core mandates and executing on near-term opportunities.

The challenge is paramount.

Successful mission-critical leaders and teams:

• have a courageous, creative, and trusting dynamic built on in-depth knowledge of self and other, combined with a shared purpose that results in consistently higher performance measures;

• effectively integrate personal and team processes to generate authentic, focused communication and higher operational cadence at lower energy cost;

• have highly developed capacities and abilities to work with complexity (a.k.a. their Action-Logic process of seeing —> validating —> acting)

• possess heightened awareness that infuses how they speak, listen, and take more timely action, leading to superior mission outcomes;

• recover faster from radical change events.

Humaxis is a pioneer in the applied practice of Mission Critical Action Inquiry (MCAI). Our team comprises developmental coaches, research scientists, psychotherapists, educators, former operators, and thought leaders in biopsychology. We bring our combined expertise and lived experience to the breakthrough programs and rigorous support that you, your team, and your organisation need to scale up your capacities and abilities to lead complex transformational changes of a highly strategic, or even life-critical nature.


Mission Critical Leader Coaching

Mission critical leaders are commanders, executive officers, first responders, direct reports, fire teams, and executives who are responsible for leading transformational change of a highly strategic and often life-critical nature.

Our MCAI coaching process for mission critical leaders builds extensively on the progress made during nPower assessment, and is laser focused on your unique situation. Your established Humaxis Master Coach and Consultant can:

• Implement and rapidly deploy leadership sensemaking assessment measures including biopsychological stress and resilience potentials of key players, teams, and even entire organisations;

• Map the personal and interpersonal processes at play that are either advancing or preventing your intended outcomes;

• Design, collect, model, visualize, and validate new data on the team or mission you are leading; and

• Help you develop boots-on-the-ground and eye-in-the sky perspectives for contingent ways forward.

Whatever your mission critical leadership challenge, Humaxis is your partner in success.


Mission Critical Team Coaching

The process we use with mission leaders is also effective for improving team cohesion, realigning objectives, and renewing commitments. The application method depends on your team's size and current skill level, the dimensions of your operating environment, and the nature of your mission.

Experience has demonstrated that organisations and mission-critical teams are sustainable and successful only when at least 1-2% of their leaders (including supporting consultants) profile at a high operating level of complexity management, or 'Action-Logic.'

Interestingly, even though several senior players may possess advanced Action-Logic, there's no guarantee that it carries over into their group dynamic. Time and again, we see teams trapped in habitual ways of seeing, thinking, and acting as they struggle to break from well-worn patterns and respond as a group from a lower Action-Logic than each individually possess.

Tactically, Humaxis measures the relationship dynamics and operating stages of group change relevant to your mission objectives. We then dramatically enhance group health and performance by developing role clarification and interpersonal processes. Our work with mission critical teams is much more than motivational team building. We focus on real improvements in situational awareness, adaptability, power dynamics, and cadence of operation.


Critical Mission Coaching and Consulting

Traditional performance and change management methodologies as applied to mission planning and execution are failing organizations, shareholders, and taxpayers. Regular cost overruns are in the tens to hundreds of millions of dollars, with the worst sustaining losses in the billions. In the case of highly strategic critical missions, the immeasurable cost is human lives.

Less than 20% of critical initiatives are deemed successful. Left unaddressed, radical change events like global pandemics and social disruption have the potential to make matters even worse.

What if you could take concrete steps to dramatically improve mission outcomes? What impact would this have on everyone's performance and well-being?

Once you’ve reached Facet Three of the Humaxis MCAI program, your leadership and team dynamics have advanced sufficiently to begin seriously addressing and improving specific mission planning, readiness, execution, and wrap-up. Your Master Coach and Consultant will guide you through the leading edge methodologies and tools essential for framing the problem set, ideating and co-creating solutions, and testing and prototyping plans.

Whether you’re leading a performance management overhaul, strategic reset, system level transformation, or critical response to a radical change event, Humaxis is there for you during each stage of unfoldment, including shoulder-to-shoulder live mission support, and outcome analysis and debrief.

Leadership is fundamentally an interpersonal endeavour. The coaching program helped me know myself better, see our great people for who they really are, and appreciate the value to our mission of a diverse set of skills, experiences, and perspectives. It was a truly enriching experience.


Ottawa, 2020

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