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Effective leadership requires a deep understanding of how you perceive the world, what new pathways may be open to you, and what impact these have on your ability to make clear decisions and take meaningful action. Humaxis offers powerful tools and services to support this vital developmental process.

Our flagship nPower Assessment Process curates and integrates the leading edge of adult and leadership development theory and assessment strategies, including the Leadership Circle Profile work of Robert Anderson and William Adams, and the Global Leadership Profile method of leadership research experts Bill Torbert and Elaine Herdman Barker.

We’ve additionally layered in new psychometric and biopsychological testing dimensions along with biometric measurements. This enables our team to bring laser focus to your innate capabilities and capacities, and spotlight those requiring further development in order to more successfully manage complexity.

The nPower Assessment Process is available at three levels of increasing depth and scope, and can be further adapted and scaled to serve the unique objectives you have for yourself, your team, and your organization.


nPower Higher Resolution Leadership

Expanding your situational and operational awareness begins with a clear and embodied sense of self. This requires a deep understanding of your unique ways of orienting to the world and habitual ways of navigating within it, which in turn generates a richer view of the people around you and the environments you share.

Our foundational assessment process begins with a digital psychometric test and self-assessment module designed to bring clarity to your:

• Strengths and weaknesses

• Communication styles

• Decision-making biases

• Psychological strains and stressors

• Leadership fears and shadows

• Core motivations and fixations

• Blind spots and reality distortions

Within 48-hours of submitting your work, you will receive a digital report containing your Level One nPower Profile with personalized commentary. You’ll then be taken through a 90-minute one-on-one nPower Debrief session with a skilled Humaxis coach to help you understand the full implications of your results from personal, interpersonal, organizational, and mission perspectives. You’ll learn practical tactics for your daily operational life, and explore next steps in your developmental journey.


nPower Agile and Creative Leadership

Are you a manager, director, or executive leading projects of strategic importance? Are you responsible for initiating and managing change, performance, and transformation in your organization? This requires agile and creative leadership—an expanded set of capabilities and capacities that we assess in Level Two of our nPower Process.

You’ll proceed through the steps of Level One, with the addition of much more extensive 360° testing with your team and colleagues. We leverage the most innovative thinking in leadership development to measure your core creative competencies and reactive tendencies, integrating this new data with your foundational profile dimensions to create a truly unique and valuable growth experience.

In your Level Two nPower Profile report and one-on-one nPower Debrief session, you’ll learn where new opportunities and avenues for development can be rapidly activated and strengthened for immediate, tangible benefits.

Your Humaxis coach can introduce you to our library of tools targeted to assist you with team projects, change management, and mission engagement, or even work with you to develop a fully customized program of development for you and your team.


nPower Mission Critical Leadership

Our pioneering work in defining and supporting the mission critical space of leadership development is at the very core of our vision and purpose as Humaxis.

Mission critical leaders are commanders, executive officers, first responders, direct reports, fire teams, and executives who are responsible for leading transformational change of a highly strategic and often life-critical nature.

Activating optimal performance in mission critical leaders requires an even higher step up in assessment resolution and individual development.

Our Level Three program includes the complete nPower Assessment Process, which builds significantly on the previous two levels. Here we leverage leading edge theory and empirical findings to thoroughly assess your mission critical abilities to see and validate complexity, and take action or find contingencies for timely action.

Our measures are equal parts psychometric, biopsychological, and biometric. They enable us to uncover and track predicators of your performance potential including physiological and emotional state, equilibrium, and resilience.

The program is custom curated for your unique situation—including targeted support for individual leaders, team dynamics, specific missions, and more—and rigorously supported by a Master Coach and Consultant.

nPower Assessment Process

nPower Assessment Process Diagram

[The Humaxis process] has brought our senior team closer together through the shared experience of coaching. By using the 360º as a stepping stone, and having an individual executive coaching program, we experienced observable changes in behaviour, outlook, ability to take a broader perspective, compassion, empathy for individuals, and, as a result, the overall team.


Ottawa, 2020

Reported Outcomes


self, others, and interpersonal operating environments with greater depth and clarity.


personal leadership style and practices to enable transformational and timely action.

Identify and influence

personal, team, and organizational patterns to facilitate and enhance mission success.


mission teams and collaborate across departments and divisions more effectively with keener insight.


with increased confidence, affirmed sense of life, and better receptivity to advanced growth opportunities.


skills to influence others ever-more persuasively with and without formal authority.

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