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Myofascial Manipulation Therapy 

& Embodiment Coaching

Underlying the practice of myofascial manipulation is the belief that movement matters. Not just that we move, but how we move.

The experience of being alive transformed.

With time the body's way of moving and sensing is altered, causing an imbalance in its structure and psychology. A body out of alignment is energetically inefficient.

and uncomfortable.

How it works

Myofascial manipulation works to facilitate balance and alignment, and positively impacting the patient physically, mentally, and emotionally.

This is done by mobilising and stimulating restrictions in myofascial tissue and using movement to improve proprioception (the body's ability to sense movement).

The practitioner works with the patient to work through tension and stress patterns to help them discover more optimal movement and sense of well-being.  

Embodiment Coaching is an aspect of developmental coaching curated to meet the needs of individuals and groups confronted with disruptive sense making and resilience challenges. When our habitual ways of seeing, sensing, and acting in the world are upended by what life has to offer, I support clients to grow in and through the body's extraordinary sensing making ability that supports my clients both survive and thrive. 

Christopher Chang

Why I Practice

I discovered Rolfing Structural Integration after a series of injuries that altered my ability to think, see, and function. Rolfing Structural Integration and Embodiment Coaching have been an integral part of my recovery process.

Now, practicing as a developmental coach, I have seen how somatic practices like Rolfing Structural Integration enhances our ability to develop new capabilities, capacities, and expanded well-being. 

Presently studying with the Rolfing Association of Canada, in affiliation with the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute, I offer Myofascial Manipulation as a student practitioner and Embodiment Coaching as an International Coaching Federation and Integral Master Coach.

Location & Contact

  • 1 Springfield Avenue

    Ottawa, ON

    ON K1M 1C9

  • 1 (613) 277-2698

  • Hours:  By Appointment